Day 2... Not as bad as yesterday!

So yesterday was the first day of training. I am no runner so I'm working on interval training, then work up to running. For the first 10 days I'll be walking for 4 minutes and jogging for 1.

Yesterday I only completed 20 minutes. My legs got sooooo tight! Specifically my shins and calves. I had to stop. The good thing though is that I wasn't huffing and puffing! The only reason I stopped was the pain in my legs.

Today, I stuck to my schedule and tried again. I COMPLETED 30 MINUTES OF INTERVAL TRAINING!!! My legs were sore but not until about 10 minutes in. It hurt, but not as bad as yesterday. And that's what got me through: IT IS NOT AS BAD AS YESTERDAY.

I hope I can say that everyday!

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