And the training begins...

This year, instead of making my usual resolution to lose weight, I've decided to try a different approach.

I'm going to run in a 5K race.

Not just participate. But run. And have a time sub 30 minutes.

To prepare, I've picked up an issue of Runners World Magazine for inspiration. I've set my eyes on a 5K race in May and asked a friend to join me. I've set up my training schedule.

And to be honest, I'm pretty anxious. I'm excited to start running because I know that it will improve my health so much (dropping some pounds is an example!) but nervous too.

It's only 3.1 miles. I can do this. I can run 1 mile. but 3.1? Can I do this?

I will do this. I only have to prove it to myself.

Today is day 1.

PS. The issue I read of Runners' World got me hooked! Found a 2 month FREE trial subscription so I signed up! Also purchased a one-year subscription to keep me motivated!!


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