Liebster Love

First things first:

Welcome to all my new readers! I've been seeing a lot of new faces around these parts lately.  Thank you for stopping by, reading, and commenting!

And a HUGE thank you to all my loyal readers and blogging friends.

The support and encouragement I've received from you all is truly uplifting and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (or that could be my wine).

You'll find information about me here- in my Woman Behind the Curtain page.

And this blog?  I've written my Mission Statement here.

Secondly, I've been nominated for the Liebster Award =)

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It's a peer nominated blogging award, a fun way to get to know other bloggers, and great for checking out new blogs to read/follow.

I was nominated by Jessica from The Wondering Brain.

Here are the rules (or guidelines, if you will):

1. Post 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer 11 questions from your nominator
3. Nominate 11 other blogs with <200 followers and ask them 11 questions.

11 Facts About Me:

I love to read

I took 2 years of Hawaiian in high school and 1 semester in college.  I was conversational, never fluent, but now currently out of practice.

I married my high school sweetheart

My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing

Close second? Grease

I'm a pageant girl (not woman, I retired at age 9)

I'm a fan of The Doctor

Love Country music (oh my have times have changed!)

I'm afraid of dogs (well, duh). 

In my humble opinion, exercising is a necessary evil.

I think 11 is an odd amount (pun not intended) for a list.

11 Answers to Jessica's 11 Questions:

1. What does your blog name mean?
Isle Style Living morphed from Island Style Running which was my original blog name.  I started this blog when I first started on my running journey and since then it has transitioned into more of a lifestyle blog.  Hence, the trading of running to living.

Oh, and using "island" was too long for Twitter so I've always used "isle".

2. What's your favorite day of the week?
Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!

3. Where do you find inspiration for your blog?
Through my struggles and triumphs as a wife and mommy.  I only write when I'm inspired and try to keep it all within my mission statement.

4. What's your biggest accomplishment?
Biggest? Hmmm.. I'm not sure.  Being a mom? But that's not through anything I did- it's all because of God that I'm blessed with motherhood.

Hardest? Passing the CPA exam.  Yes, technically I am a CPA.  If I paid all those registration fees. And kept up with my professional learning credits.  

Wait, so no- I'm not a CPA.  But I passed that darn exam!

5. What song represents you?
Oh gosh, I have no idea.  

Right now I'm loving Florida Georgia Line's "Shine" but I'm pretty sure it has more to do with moonshine than my inner light =)

6. What's your favorite dish?
I love food. All of it.

But if I could have some right now, I'd love some of my dad's Portuguese Bean Soup with warm sweet bread and buttah.

Oh yeah.

7. What were you in high school - jock, geek, or  reject?
None of the above.

I'm smart.  Got along with a lot of people.  

But I wasn't really popular.  I paddled canoes but wasn't too involved with sports. 

I had a few close friends but we're not really in touch anymore.  I kinda just did my own thing.

8. Bath or shower?
Only have time for a shower.

But I'd love a long bubble bath!

9. How do you relax?
With a good book and a great glass of wine.

10. Wine or Beer?

11.  If you had an opportunity to succeed, what would it be?
I'd be an instructor for the Bradley Birth Method and teach classes in my home about 4X/week. I'd make enough to supplement our family income so I could stay home with my kid(s) and homeschool them.  We'd own our own house with a huge yard and lots of room to have family and friends over.

My Nominees:

(Please check them out and let them know I sent ya)

My 11 Questions:

1. Which came first, the egg or the chicken?

2.  Where is your favorite vacation spot?

3. Describe your perfect day.

4. Why do you blog?

5. What is your favorite childhood memory?

6. Brunch or Dinner?

7.  What is your dream job?

8.  If you could change one thing in your life without altering any part of your current situation, what would it be?

9.  What are you afraid of?

10.  Do you know how to swim?

11. What is the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?

WHEW!! Thanks Jessica for the nomination =)


  1. Love this -- and love YOU! I'll check out those bloggers you mentioned, too! :)

  2. Thank you Vanessa! I love this award, it has such a great sentiment :)

  3. I LOVE DR WHO TOO!!! Also, yay for getting this award! I love reading about bloggers! :-)

  4. YAY FOR DOCTOR WHO!!!! :)

  5. This is great - it is so nice to learn more about you! :) Hope all is well.


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