I Got Nothin'


That's not entirely true.

Seems like I'm in a funnk (yes, I misspelled it with 2 "n"s but actually that spelling describes this particular funk very well so I'm leaving it as is) yet again.  I'm starting to think this is actually a season in my life where I just feel, funnky I guess.

I've been working out a few internal issues over the past week and trying to figure out a way to release it out here on this blog.

But until I get that sorted out, I thought I'd share something with my readers that I'm not sure that you know about me.

I may be an island girl but I think I'm definitely a southern girl at heart.

Weird, right?

Yeah- I love my beaches and island life and tropical weather. 

But there's something about the South that I'm just drawn to... I guess that's why they call it Southern Charm- it just sucks ya right in!

If you took a look at my home decor board on Pinterest, you'd see there's a bit of a rustic quality to some photos.  I don't know what you'd call it- Rustic/Beach Glam? I don't have a clue.

Ride with me in my car and we're belting out Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Lady A,  and Eric Church for sure. 

I guess if you're going to know anything about me it's that I love Country music, country/rustic chic decorating, and Paula Deen (I mean, who doesn't, right?)

I leave you with a few of my favorite songs at the moment (AKA songs most likely to be belted out in the car, windows down, and wind blowing in my face)

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  1. I'm actually a Tallahassee girl, so I know exactly what you mean! I'm actually Puerto Rican 100% both parents, born there and everything, but I'm a Southern girl at heart. Have you ever visited anywhere South?


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