{Giveaway Time} a la Sparkly Soul

Hey there!

Just a quick shout out about a giveaway my friend Jenn is currently hosting on her blog.

One lucky winner will receive a headband from Sparkly Soul:

The details?

Answer a few questions in a comment for your chance to win.

That's IT.

No bajillion blogs to follow via GFC, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc..

No tweets, blog posts, Facebook share, Pinterest pinning, either.

So simple, right?

Go ahead and get your free entry.

{I am not affiliated in anyway with this giveaway- except that I entered!)

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3/12/2013

    I'm am ALLLLLL smiles right now -- you are SO AWESOME sister!!! I love you lonnnnnng time!!!! :) xoox's


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