"It's OK" Thursdays

Its Ok Thursdays
: To only complete the "mandatory" entries for blog giveaways:
:To leave the housework until a commercial break:
:To walk out of the lunch room when co-workers find it appropriate to watch a video of old ladies' reactions to the Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape (true story, by the way):
:To hide your chocolate and snacks in your office desk from co-workers with sticky fingers:
:To be temporarily unsure of your direction in life:
:To put away your wedding album that you spent months editing and waiting FOREVER to arrive in the mail because your husband comments 1) that the shoes in the picture are in fact NOT his, even though he was asked to "review" the photos multiple times before publishing and 2) that he thinks he looks soooooo much like his dad (because that's the image I want when lovingly reminscing over our wedding photos):
:To want to take a few vacation days to clean up the house.  This includes sending the husband to work and the baby to the sitter's house:
:To think that making your own baby food is a daunting task, better left to all the super mom's out there:
:To secretly (or not so much) really really really want to make your own baby food but when it comes down to it, not think you're up to the task:
:To be completely over the entire breastfeeding v. formula "debate" and the extended breastfeeding "controversy".   Seriously, just stop.  Mommies are already trying their best to do what is right for them and their families without the media getting involved.  If a mommy and baby want to nurse past the age of 2 or chooses to use formula instead of breast milk just because, mind your business:
:To eat your cake and have it, too. Especially if it's a Port Wine Cherry Chocolate cupcake.  Yummmmmmmm:


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