The Inevitable

It was bound to happen.

I tried to fight it but have come to realize that this is necessary.

I'm trading a blogging hiatus for my sanity.

Sad day.  

But also good?

For months I have been trying to keep my head above water with my blog.  

I held high standards for myself: post consistent, thought-provoking, and fun posts that closely resembles my reality... and of course a few good pictures.

But I can't blog up to those standards.  

And it's driving me nuts.

I feel guilty when I haven't posted in a few days (hello, there have been WEEKS- almost months where I haven't posted) or when I post non-sense crap.

Most of the time that non-sense crap is posted because I want to remind my readers that I'm still here.

And why is that so important?  

Deep down (who am I kidding, it's on the surface!) I don't want to be forgotten.

I live this wonderful life as a mommy, wife, and friend and I want people to know how amazing it is for me!

Now I have come to realize that letting the world know that I love my life has now turned into a "not as enjoyable" experience. Blogging feels more like an obligation than a fun hobby.

And I'm afraid that I'm missing out on this amazing life that I initially sought out to document.

My life is heavily scheduled as it is... the only way I've been able to write for this blog is to have about an hour for myself every night.  After Phillip goes to bed, after I've cleaned up the kitchen, after I've taken a shower- I found time to blog.

But now? I'd really just want that time to unwind- to quiet my mind.

So along with my personal Facebook hiatus, I am now taking a blogging hiatus.

I'll still be around to read and comment on all the wonderful blogs I follow.

And hopefully my inspiration will reappear and I'll find time to write again.

But until then... I leave you with my favorite posts and memories:




Thank you for all of the love and support during this past year and a half.  I'm so happy to have found a wonderful community to share pieces of my life.

Aloha and God Bless!


  1. Awwww, I'm so sad!! I'm sad that you feel so obligated to write AND that you're taking an official hiatus!! I've cut back immensely too, and I don't know.. something tells me you'll be back;) Until then, enjoy your "me" time whenever you can!!

  2. I'm with Jenn on this one! I'm sad that blogging has become more of a chore for you than a way to relax and relieve some stress. I know first hand that blogging can be a bit overwhelming, especially with work, and even more especially with little ones. (Luckily for me I blog while at work. Lol.)

    I really do hope that your blogging hiatus isn't for too long! I really do enjoy reading your posts (even the ones you think are nonsensical) and I hope that your hiatus will allow you to relax a little and give you inspiration to blog again.

    Please do keep in touch though! I've actually got a little project that I'll be working on in July that I wanted to get your input on!

    ♥ Duckie.


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