Well hello, you!

Long time no see =)

If it makes anyone feel better, I have about a bazillion blog entries "drafted" but haven't had time to finalize anything yet. 

A few weeks ago I tried to make a video entry.  I wrote out my notes so that I stay on topic and did this whole shpeal about life with a newborn and fitness and where I am in regards to my goals.

Where is this fantastic video entry, you ask?

Um, the microphone setting was set to an external mic, not the internal one in my laptop.


I may decide to post it just for giggles later.  It's funny watching myself speak with no sound! 

In other news...

Phillip just turned 12 weeks old!


He is full of giggle and laughter these days.  He loves music! When my husband or I sing a song, Phillip likes to "sing" along.  He loves when we carry him and dance around the apartment- HATES when we put him down!

He is almost 25 inches and weighs over 15lbs now.  He's in the 90th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height. Which means that out of a group of 100 12 weekers, Phillip weighs more than 90 of them and is taller than 95 of them.  WOWZA! Go, baby, go!


As for me?

Well, I haven't stepped on a scale since I realized I was below my pre-pregnancy weight (yay!). Probably because I'm afraid I've gained some of it back.  

And last time I checked I'm still 5'7''.

Confession- my eating habits haven't been as healthy as they should be.  I think it comes from being so restricted in my last trimester because of gestational diabetes.

I'm still enjoying all the food I missed! 

I gave myself 6 weeks to heal, indulge, and enjoy.  

But now that we're past 12 weeks I'm thinking that it's time to get things back in line.

Not as easy as it seems....

I plan on breastfeeding Phillip until he's one year old.  I have about 40 weeks left to go! 

Being on a diet can greatly affect my supply and I'm not sure I want to risk that.

The fine line is between eating enough calories to keep up with both my and Phillip's needs but to make sure those calories count and aren't just empty.

And what about exercise, you ask?

Huh.  Well it's very interesting.

Before sitting down to jot this little blog post, I believed that vigorous exercise will cause my supply to drop.  And that lactic acid would build up in my milk and my baby may refuse to drink.


As I typed out my thoughts on exercise and breastfeeding, I thought I should insert a source in here, you know- so that my readers don't just take my word on it.  

And guess what? My fears have been debunked!

According to www.kellymom.com, one of the greatest resources for breastfeeding mamas, exercise at a 50% or 75% exertion DOES NOT affect supply! Even at 100% there isn't a noticeable drop.

Well, color me misinformed.  

Just goes to show you not to believe a word I say... unless I have a source, of course! =)

With all that being said, guess it's time for me to get back into the exercise groove!

Just have to find the time... it's tough when I gotta take care of an infant.  I'm back to work full time now so I only get a few hours of quality time before Phillip's bedtime.  Soon after he's in bed I'm exhausted! And because he's still nursing, he depends on me and me alone for his nutrition.  

He does get a bottle when I'm at work but I prefer to nurse him myself when we're together. I'd rather not give him another bottle feeding just so that I can exercise.

Maybe we'll work in some neighborhood walks this weekend?  I gotta start somewhere!

Don't want to push myself too far... let's face it, it's exhausting taking care of all this cuteness:



  1. Sister he is soooooooooo cute!!!!!! I cannot WAAAAIT to meet him!!! <3

  2. He is seriously the cutest!!!


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