Blah Mondays

Today was a pretty rough day.

1) It was Monday.  I loathe Mondays.

2) They turned OFF the AC in our work building.  Something about working on the main chillers that keeps the galleries nice and cool.  Hello?! What about the pregnant lady! It was pretty horrible.

3) Work was super busy (on top of the heat!!). I'm covering for a co-worker who is going on vacation so I need to brush up on her tasks which include all deposits and check payments.  FUN.  This is also the time where we have to process payroll.  We have a deadline for Wednesday morning. 

4) In addition to working in the heat, trying to brush up on all the responsibilities of my co-worker, processing payroll in time, I have had 2 abnormal glucose reading today.  One hour after breakfast my glucose was over 140 and one hour after dinner my glucose was over 150. 


Breakfast consisted of 2 whole wheat pieces of toast and peanut butter.  I've had it before with NO PROBLEM! The difference today? I ate breakfast at work.  Usually I eat at home and then get some movement in (ie: walking to my car, walking a block from the parking lot to my work place, walking upstairs to my office).  But today I sat at my desk and ate my sandwich and buried my head in my work.

Dinner was 1c. of brown rice, 1 chicken breast, and some broccoli.  I've also had this before with NO PROBLEM! However, because I was so busy with work, I forgot to have my afternoon snack.  So I'm thinking that because I didn't have a snack, my body released stored glucose and that caused my insulin to spike.  I really don't know.

Now I'm super nervous about what the doctor is going to say when he sees 2 high numbers in one day, both with meals that are within my plan.

This may mean that I need to go on an anti-hypoglycemic medication. 

Going on medication scares the BEJEEZUS out of me.  It just screams "life sentence" in my head, even though deep down I know that this isn't necessarily true.

I thought I had accepted the fact that if my numbers continued to be abnormal even though I was following the meal plan and exercising, I may need to go on medication.

It is still a hard pill to swallow.

(Have you noticed the new page up top titled "Gestational Diabetes"?  I posted some info and links I found during my research/panic that I think is useful.  I also linked to other Gestational Diabetes posts for the convenience of my readers)


  1. Monday's DO blow -- I try to not to schedule too much on Mondays, but they always seem to be super busy! I didn't even get home until 10PM last night!!

    I'm sorry about your numbers... While I'm not in any postion to give nutritional advice, if I was in your situation I would cut out carbs all together. My body prefers protein anyway, so I would still to a mostly protein-diet. Remember, veggies are carbs, too, so some chicken and asparagus or broccoli minus the rice, might improve your numbers(?)

    AND, thank you for mentioning the new tab! I totally didn't notice until you brought it to my attention. Checking out the wealth of information now!

  2. @Jennʻs Adventureʻs

    The thing is, I understand when people say "low carb" they really mean "low grain"... which is what I'm shooting for. I try to get most of my carbs from veggies, but in reality it's not enough (for me).

    Because of specific needs of pregnancy, I can't cut carbs all together.

    It's such a delicate balance between meeting the nutritional needs for baby but keeping my glucose in a "normal" range.

    The most frustrating part is having a meal work one day and then totally blow up the next.

    Thanks for always leaving me some support and love. Hope to see you soon!


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