These Are The Breaks...

Well this is long overdue.

I've been waiting to post this because, well, I don't want to seem like a ungrateful biotch.

But there are some things about pregnancy that are not all rainbows and unicorns.

So I'm only going to post this once.

Gonna get it all out of my system.

Ready? Here we go...


For example, I've had people tell me that the reason I'm so big is because I eat too much. Um, no I'm big because I'm CARRYING A BABY!

Or that my baby is gonna be sooooo big because my belly is big.

I've even had someone sing "Here Comes Santa Claus" when I entered a room.

And that I absolutely NEED an extra room for baby. I'm sorry, but will you be paying my rent? NO? Then our tiny one bedroom will have to do.

I've even had someone mention to me that they hope my baby has all its fingers!!! Why would someone say that? Because I answered NO when asked if I take prenatals. There was a huge gasp and then that ugly side comment in my ear. And more comments about how I was making a HUGE mistake and playing with fire.

I never got a chance to explain that first if all, I am not a moron. I am educated and know how to do my research. Second, I take whole food supplements as well as fish oil for omega 3's and a B12 with folate spray. I think I got my vitamins covered thank you very much!

I think the biggest reason all this bugs me is that as most of my readers know, I have HUGE struggles with my weight and confidence. HUGE! So the one time I thought it was acceptable to gain weight I got folks making nasty comments.

Want to know if something you're gonna say is inappropriate? Ask yourself if you would say it to a non pregnant woman. NO? Ok then, keep it to yourself.

Also- although this is my first baby, I'm not clueless! I have a big extended family and know how to care for a baby. Everything else is learned on the "job" anyway. I don't know everything about babies but I know enough to figure it out or consult my resources.


- We had a really exciting trip planned for Thanksgiving. It was a 2 week trip to San Francisco, San Diego, and Las Vegas with a stop at my grandma's house for the holiday. I had deals lined up and planned activities. But because it's too close to my due date, it wont be happening.

Don't get be wrong. We are thrilled for our newest addition. That doesn't mean I can't be disappointed that I wont be able to see my mom's family, some of whom I haven't seen in years!

Most times when I share this in real life the response I always get is, "Well, it's for a good reason" or "It's better for the baby". Like I'm already a horrible person for even thinking about being disappointed.

OK. Pity party is over!

Let's keep this train going...
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  1. I can't believe you get comments like that. Ignore them, and know that you are doing what's best for you. I'm honestly so surprised people say things so rude, geez!

  2. At first I thought that it was just my hormones making me all sensitive and junk. It wasn't until I shared with close friends or my husband did I realize I had a legit reason to be upset.

    But I feel better now after blogging about it =)

  3. I'm with Vanessa-I honestly can't believe people would say things like that. You're doing a great job taking care of yourself and you are going to be a great mom!

    Btw, I ask Jenn about you all the time! When you don't post for awhile I always tell her how much I miss your "voice" on here! A good rant does all of us good from time to time. Those who don't rant are kidding themselves that life is "all rainbows and unicorns"...

  4. Aw thanks!!

    Your comments are always so thoughtful. I appreciate it!

    PS- I saw that you're having ANOTHER giveaway =) I'll be back soon to pimp you out LOL


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