Quick Weekend Recap...

I usually don't blog too much on the weekends because I like to reserve that time for the hubbs, but he is watching a bad voice over martial arts movie on the couch.  It's all good.

And this post is also lacking in the pictures department because I really didn't have much time this weekend to upload new pics...

Also? I have a lot of random things on my mind.  And the easiest/most efficient way for me to get it all down is to.... what else? MAKE A LIST!

Here we go....

1.  I went running on Thursday and had a really great time! I went to my usual park and banged out 2.87 miles in about 36 minutes.... About a few weeks ago it would have taken me about 30 minutes to run just 2 miles! I was super happy to be able to increase my mileage... I didn't plan on it, but it just worked out that way.

2.  On that note, I ran this morning at the same park and it was hard.  Again.  I got a side pain/stich about 3 minutes into it.  I tried to run through it but I couldn't handle the pain!! I walked a lot, but pushed myself as well when I could run.  It was tough, and like always, I was proud of myself for pushing through it.  The best part?  I ran 2.56 miles in 33 minutes and 48 seconds.  After all that pain, I was still able to keep up my pace from the other day.

3.  I met my weekly goals! I ran 3 times this week, and each time ran over 2 miles each day.... now it's time to think of some new goals for next week! Gold star for me.

4. Another gold star moment? I'm down 9 pounds as of this morning.  We'll see how long that sticks around, since my weight fluctuates often, but hey, I'll take it!

5. Have you heard of Bethany Hamilton?  She is the teenager from Kaua'i, Hawaii who was attacked by a shark while surfing.  The shark took her left arm.  She survived, and even began surfing again, shortly after the attack. Now? She's a professional surfer!!! Today the hubbs and I watched the movie about her struggle and triumph, Soul Surfer.  It was a really great movie. We found ourselves on the same emtional rollercoaster that she went trhough, of course, in a different reality.  So if you're looking for something to see, check it out.  If it's not playing near you?  Wait to rent it on Netflix... I promise you won't be disappointed!

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Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Great job Nessa, very happy to hear your successes:)

    I think that was a great addition at the end of your post about following your blog & twitter... I'm finding it difficult to have people actually "follow" my blog--and I know they're lurking because my stats are blowing up!



    They're totally sending me a box! I'M STOKED!

  2. Thanks girl!!

    And not gonna lie..... I'm a bit J of your special delivery as we will pick some up at Costco after church today..... hahahaha!

    And sheesh was my spellcheck not working last night? Ugh I'll fix it later.....

  3. I love this list! 9lbs down? FREAKING AWESOME!! And don't worry, I've run the exact. same. couse. multiple times and have good days and bad days. It's just part of the deal!

  4. Great job on the running and the weight loss. You are ROCKING at life right now!

  5. I love your blog! And it sounds like you had a great week with the running, congrats! I used to live on the Big Island for about 10 years. And my name is Vanessa. Clearly, we are going to be friends :)


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