Plan for Success, Don't Plan for Failure!

I am a very goal oriented person.

Not just big, mega, 5-year-plan goals, but even small weekly (even daily) goals.  I'm a huge planner and list maker and find great satisfaction from crossing things off my lists.

Which leads me to last week.  Exercise was blatantly absent from my week, having only worked out once, and that did not include running.

This weekend I reflected on why that was and it dawned on me- I didn't set any goals for the week!

The week before I blogged about SMART Goals, and set some pretty attainable goals for myself.  And I reached every target, even going above and beyond on some days.

Why didn't I set up any goals last week? Honestly, I just don't know.  I remember thinking that I should, but just never got around to it.  Next thing I know, the week is OVER!

This week I refuse to set myself up for failure.  Here are my SMART goals for the week:

-Exercise on more days than not (meaning, I must exercise 4 out of 7 days this week.)
-Run for at least 2 of those "exercise days", minimum 2 miles each day.
-Strength train for at least 2 days.

These goals may not be as (S)pecific as my goals the week before, but they are (M)easurable, and as long as I work out 4 days this week, run at least 2 miles twice, and strength train twice, I will have reached my goals. (A)chievable? YES SIR! (R)ealistic? Well, the strength training twice a week thing might be somewhat of a reach for me, but that's what goals are for! and are they (T)imely? YES! I must accomplish this by Saturday night =)

Do you set goals for the week? day? month? If so, how do you set your goals?

Who has a bad case of the Mondays? I do! I do! I do! ugh...is it Friday yet?


  1. Good goals. Good goals. I am sick today and don't feel like setting any, but ... i guess I'll work out tonight. : )

  2. You'll make those goals, I know it! I've only recently started setting myself weekly goals. It's not foolproof, but it helps so much! Luckily I got to watch the Boston Marathon (on TV, I wasn't there) and that helped my case of the Mondays big time!

  3. Awesome goals - they've inspired me to get back on track with running TODAY! THANK YOU! I have had a rough couple of weeks! :( Just feel like I have been lacking motivation so your post comes at an awesome time.....

  4. Creating goals is so important for me, & it works! Good job getting back on track & setting yourself up for success.


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