Day #2-Topic #16 My views on Mainstream Music.

Day number two... and the topic is....

Seriously? #15 AGAIN???

OK... Here we go....

My views on Mainstream Music-(yes, I know it's #16, but we eliminated one yesterday remember? So #16 is now the 15th topic to select from)

Honestly, if it wasn't for mainstream music, I wouldn't know what was cool and whatever. 

Seriously though? I listen to a lot of mainstream music.  The truth is, I just don't know how to find music that isn't mainstream.  I don't know where to look!

I listen to everything... Country, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock, Alternative, and of course Hawaiian and Island Style music- like reggae and Contemporary Hawaiian.

Right now I'm loving Britney Spears' "Til The World Ends"

I don't have a problem with mainstream music at all.  In fact, it's where I get most of my tunes.  However, I am open to hearing music that isn't so mainstream.

I'm a music lover.  I don't discriminate.  While some genres are easier on my ears than others, I appreciate all types of music and willing to give any song a chance.

What are some of your favorite bands? Favorite songs? I may need to update my playlist soon and would love the input!


  1. I listen to any type of music--basically I like to sing along to it so once I've heard a song a few times it goes into my rotation! Lately I've been loving that Britney song too!
    I miss hearing Hawaiian music on the radio...

  2. I like pretty much anything, except hard rock. And I'm a Britney fan as well. Right now my favorite running songs are: Club Can't Handle me Right Now (Flo Rida) & What the Hell (Avril Lavigne). I'm like a high school girl :-)


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